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Sudarshan Kriya

Sudarshan Kriya incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath which harmonizes the rhythm of the body, mind, and emotions and brings them in tune with the rhythm of nature. Thereby, eliminating stress, fatigue, and negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and depression; leaving you calm yet energized, focused yet relaxed.

Emotions affect the breathing pattern. For example, when you are:

  • Angry: Your breath comes in short, quick cycles.
  • Sad or upset: Your breath comes in long and deep cycles.

Benefits of Sudarshan Kriya

  • Experience peace of mind, joy and happiness
  • Enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being
  • Boost your creativity and acquire greater clarity of mind

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Sudarshan Kriya - Experience the Power of Rhythmic Breathing

Breath is the link between the body and the mind. Once we understand this connect, we can bring about changes in our mental and behavioral patterns by consciously altering the rhythms of our breath. You can use the breath as an effective and quick stress relief technique to flush out stress, anger, anxiety, depression, and worry; leaving the mind completely relaxed and energized. With Sudarshan Kriya, you can experience the power of breath and understand the link between the body and the mind.

Millions of people from all walks of life have been touched by the healing power of the Sudarshan Kriya. Villagers, corporate employees, housewives, teenagers, trauma victims, soldiers, leaders in business and government, prisoners, factory workers, university students, and everyone in between, across all continents, all bear testimony to the numerous and varied benefits of this powerful breathing technique. 

How to relieve stress with Sudarshan Kriya?

Nature is replete with various rhythms and cycles-day follows night, night follows day, seasons come and go. Similarly, there are biological rhythms in our body, mind, and emotions. When these rhythms are in sync, we have a sense of harmony and well-being. When stress or illness upsets the rhythm, we experience discomfort and discontent and feel upset and unhappy.

“We need to do a cleansing process within ourselves. In sleep we get rid of fatigue, but the deeper stresses remain in our body. Sudarshan Kriya cleanses the system from the inside. The breath has a great secret to offer.”
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Learn Sudarshan Kriya

Learn the breathing technique that has transformed the lives of millions across the world.

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"“ART Excel is a wonderful stress reliever. It relaxes and sooths me. I feel like I could never be sad again. It’s a great way to bring happiness to people’s lives.”"
Austin, Age 13
"After doing the Sudarshan Kriya I have more energy and am relaxed and calm ... and I actually slept well for the first time in 22 years!"
Robyn Johnson, (Housewife), Australia
"Two years ago, I had been suffering from chronic appendicitis and was asked to undergo surgery. Ever since my Kriya practice, I no longer have this pain."
Muthu (Senior Principal Engineer), India
"I remember being buried with my dead classmates around me under the concrete pile and mess. Only three others survived. Please thank those teachers for me. After doing the exercises, I feel free now. "
A 14-year-old girl student of Shifang School, China (survivor of the Sichuan Earthquake)
"I feel very satisfied because I know that whenever I feel fatigued, stressed out or just simply want to refresh myself, I know of a simple exercise that will work wonders and is something I can rely on throughout my life."
Mariam Zaidi, Islamabad, Pakistan
"Former director of Los Angeles County, V.A.P Anger Management Program, Camp Michael Smith, Camp Francis Scobee"
William Richardson
"Being a youth I’ve undergone so many challenges and so many times it resulted in being depressed, angry... it’s all so confusing at this age... but when I did the Sudarshan Kriya it changed all this. Once upon a time I would just criticize myself so much & hate myself... but the kriya made me feel beautiful from changed my attitude towards life completely...!!    "
Jituli Punjabi
"When I did the Sudarshan Kriya, I felt such absolute freedom – all anxieties, thoughts, stresses gone. I had never felt such exhilaration in my life before. And I’ve found that with practice of the kriya, this state enters my regular life more and more."
Andrew K
"“For me, this program is really an experience to see how the impossible becomes possible. In life I find it hard to maintain a positive mindset when people are doubting you. I used to be a person who became easily overwhelmed by positive or negative emotions. Having regularly started practicing my breathing techniques I really feel the difference in my daily life. I meet challenges much more relaxed, with inner confidence.” "
Maria Lorenz